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This facility charges...

$1.49 for pages 1-60, $.74 for pages 61-340 and $.39 per page 341 plus. Some facilitys 'You will also be responsible for postage'
I suggest tacking #'s and the USPS :-) 
You may find out how much your local hospital charges in the Medical filing/billing Department.

Supplies costs:

Vanderbilt hospital officials decided to primarily use balanced fluids. The University of Pittsburgh also has largely switched to them, Kellum said. The fluids cost about the same — a dollar or two per IV — and many suppliers make both types, so switching should not be hard or expensive, doctors said.

List of Free Online Medical Terminology Courses, Classes, and E-mails.

Des Moines UniversityMedical Terminology Course consists of 11 modules. Medical terms are provided for areas such as the circulatory system, the urinary system, the male and female reproductive systems, the digestive system and other major physiological systems. After a user learns about the words and diseases associated with each system, she or he can then take a multiple-choice quiz. National Cancer InstituteCancer & Medical Terminology teaches individuals the medical terminology used by medical professionals when discussing cancer and other medical conditions. The modules help learners have a better understanding of medical terms by introducing prefixes, suffixes and root words used in medical terms. The modules include pretests, exercises and posttests to help students see what they've learned. Upstate University HospitalGlossary of Medical Terms offers learners not only definitions of some of the most commonly used medical terms but also many abbreviations used in the …

Medical Billing

Canadian Euthenasia Doctors are lobbying to be paid more money to
kill thier patients.  Complaints from Doctors that Euthenaisia
doesn't pay enough.  Have been in the media lately with Tronton Globe publishing
mail an article on July 4th, Entitled Canadian Doctors turn away from
assissted dieing over fees.  The Claims magazine follow ups with should
doctors be paid a premium for assiting deaths. According to Alex ShaddenBurgexecutive director of the euthanasia prevention coalition is the euthanasia lobby getting their people in the media to print article saying that one of the problems to access to the medical assistance in dying maid is the fact it doesn't pay enough now he says they're pressuring to have a more doctor Tanya Dawes is featured in both articles with the globe reporting she's a family doctor from Courtney British Columbia was reportedly killed 23 patients acquaints reporting she did so for free in the 1st 6 months after Justin Trudeau as liberal governm…