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Filing and office safety

I like to think work as colorful, especially marking folders with crosses of brown for celebrities, always lock files and make sure there is a master key holder on site or on call.  Always document your printer service persons name and date , systems in place for data protection, and everyone knows copiers store information on their systems.  This little "box" is usually located on the back of the printer and contains all the information printed or copied.   Green is easily spotted than just a plain vanilla file folder.  If a folder that had been marked by a special color system is being stolen, remain calm and try to reach a phone or set the fire alarm, start yelling security, the perpetrator can have a gun.  In this scenario was hippa violated?  If hippa was violated then why do you think discretion is important for a local celebrity?    Write a few paragraph on how you would confront a undetectable firearms confrontation.  Today more and people are using 3D printed guns…