What is Medical Informatics? What is MedicalInformatics. Medicalinformatics is the intersection of information science, computer science, and health care. This field deals with the resources, devices, and methods required to optimize the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information in health and biomedicine. Step-by-Step Medical Coding 2012 Edition By Carol J. Buck, MS, CPC, CPC-H, CCS-P, Elsevier and ICD-10-CM AND ICD-10-PCS Coding Handbook with Answers 2013 Revised Edition By Nelly Leon-Chisen, RHIA



Uprooting the leading causes of death

RF shielding

Blue Light
Gunnar Glasses

(Can food and drinked of metal can cause us to absorb metal in our bodies)

Graham's law of effusion (sometimes called Graham's law of diffusion) was formulated by Scottish physical chemist Thomas Graham in 1848. Graham found experimentally that the rate of effusion of a gas is inversely proportional to the square root of the mass of its particles. Graham's law - Wikipedia

NPR on the body and cells
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Key-Board's (Input device) and Mouse. Door interactions etc.

So when the fingers start hurting around the cuticles, we notice that there are certain contractions from these things when we use our digits.  Fingers must be soaked in Isohydropophonlyn (this hydroperoxide oxygenizes tissues in the mouth, can be used to bleach hair blonde, and dipping or soaking fingers to relieves soreness).  In the hospital gyms or showers, pt. Dr.'s, etc may experience foot fungus or flesh bacteria faciaitis.  Finger's and toes will open peel too when handling money, credit cards, paper cuts(first aid-lidocaine), but too much sanitizer lotion may lead to drunkenness some studies say.  H. Pylori may be contracted in some hospitals.  Staff is a type of skin disease that often effects epidermous especially in open more than sub-cutaneous surgeries.  Certain creams may help maintenance people and types or input at terminals is O'Keefe's formula, but mechanic's and ambulance personnel may use ORANGE soap or LAVA(it often helps squealing belts for …

PA historic Society's Medical Dictionary, other practical readings and collegues abbreviations.
(Remember M.D.'s etc get reimbursed if the transcriber mentions it in the documentation, they also receive special incentives for preventative counceling)

Here is a look at the PA worldview from Baylor

PA Glossary The abbreviations, acronyms and titles associated with the physician assistant profession and used in the literature over the past 50 years can be overwhelming and perplexing. As a historic website, we will use the terms and titles cited in the literature of the period. For example, in the early years an ‘s was used in the title for PAs – physi…

Filing and office safety

I like to think work as colorful, especially marking folders with crosses of brown for celebrities, always lock files and make sure there is a master key holder on site or on call.  Always document your printer service persons name and date , systems in place for data protection, and everyone knows copiers store information on their systems.  This little "box" is usually located on the back of the printer and contains all the information printed or copied.   Green is easily spotted than just a plain vanilla file folder.  If a folder that had been marked by a special color system is being stolen, remain calm and try to reach a phone or set the fire alarm, start yelling security, the perpetrator can have a gun.  In this scenario was hippa violated?  If hippa was violated then why do you think discretion is important for a local celebrity?    Write a few paragraph on how you would confront a undetectable firearms confrontation.  Today more and people are using 3D printed guns…

This facility charges...

$1.49 for pages 1-60, $.74 for pages 61-340 and $.39 per page 341 plus. Some facilitys 'You will also be responsible for postage'
I suggest tacking #'s and the USPS :-) 
You may find out how much your local hospital charges in the Medical filing/billing Department.

Supplies costs:

Vanderbilt hospital officials decided to primarily use balanced fluids. The University of Pittsburgh also has largely switched to them, Kellum said. The fluids cost about the same — a dollar or two per IV — and many suppliers make both types, so switching should not be hard or expensive, doctors said.