Pediasure or milk, crushed up crackers.  For babies left on the fire dept. steps or police steps...
For yeast infections for men and woman drink a little bit of tar tar in an 8 ounce glass of water.

Children should not piggy back on each other, especially going up stairs...
That goes for cousins horse playing around, my dear friend lost a job as a U.S. Marshall-back injury.

Moms often smell rotten eggs this is a bacterium like halitosis that causes the smell in the oil factory but can be killed using anti-septic mouth wash.  If you are smelling rotten eggs you might need to call 911 and call 811-always before you dig.  Rotten eggs is a smell most industrial leaders put in their gas so they know if there is a leak.

In the HeadLines : 2018

Dragqueens readings in public library, gay bars next to churches of the reformed grow, frag perform reveals little about himself except a magical notion of authority in the name of feminism or as Albert Mohler put it the 10 year old transform of moral instincts.  In the name of equality, France announces mandatory school attendance for 3 years of age.

Past: 1913-2018 Sweden aim's to "counteract traditional gender roles'

A recent view of Live Science will show us that the baby conceived had bone structure plate abnormalities that are as mysterious as a Doctor telling us, it was due to the genes of the parents.
Alien hunters were disgusted by the evidence, agreeing with scientists that it was not an alien.
  The fetus was about the size 4 inches long and 1 to 2 1/2 inches wide respectively.  This case is rare since modern science in the 21st century allows us to prevent this, but despite the fact some have failed to reproduce, the human race continues.

Amino-synthesis performed after 15 weeks now coreonicvilo sampling can provide a sampling within 9 weeks, the important issue here is that there a newer techniques than this...  Genetics tests, giving the ability to see if the baby would have down syndrome before they are even conceived, along with eye color and other traits.  This puts an end to aborting such pregnancy's if they parents are not Christian.  Tuesday Apr 10 2018 ref: The Briefing Albert Mohler.

Neonatal Vitamins & Blogs:
Ref: Dr. Amen University Blog

Unfortuently the older females get the more brittle their bones become, if you think you are not consuming enough of that vitamin that your school posters, teachers, and coaches recommended:Milk (a buffer solution) you will need to talk to your family doctor for a possible IO or  hematologist.

nexplanon is the newest, I suppose developed 
pregnancy odds with this is to the 
What is the max. Possible value for 1 iota ? ... Worth to still be a valid unit for micropayments ? 0.0001
so that only 1 out of 100 woman get pregnant while using this device
Implanon is the one that doesn't have a sulphate based barium or barium sulphate (sulphate is in a class of poisen- but of course in small doses it is basically harmless)
All barium has some sulfur more than others.
*My mother is/was allergic to sulfur.
source: reddit iota
source 1:


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