Never mind keeping something above to remind you of something higher, like the hospitals that have marijuana growing above you, unseen and obscured by the ceiling tiles, or the meth spewing from the vent systems in some hospitals.

Live Science states, "cocaine or heroin on their hands to trip very sensitive instruments called mass spectrometers."  What they fail to mention are these in-house hospitals have cocaine for nasal surgery's.  

Think we can wash our hands of this as a medical community?  Think again... again states:  
"...researchers were trying to establish a baseline for how much trace heroin or cocaine would turn up in a non-drug user's fingerprint. (When a person does a fingerprint test, some of the substances on their fingertips are transferred to the print.) They compared non-drug users' fingerprints to the fingerprints of recent heroin or cocaine users, in hopes of establishing a level over which they could confidently say the fingerprint belonged to someone who had recently used drugs.
While they did arrive at such a cutoff, they also found that there's a lot of environmental contamination on people's fingers — and that it doesn't go away when study participants wash their hands.
Chemists already knew that trace amounts of cocaine and heroin are everywhere, said Rolf Halden, director of the Biodesign Center for Environmental Health Engineering at Arizona State University.
"Think of cocaine on paper money," Halden told Live Science. "We know that a lot of currency is contaminated with cocaine."..."
About as strange as paramedics at a circus helping an injured clown from a elephant, which actually happened to my EMT-Basic professor is what it will feel like for the hospital legal teams since pharmacists like my cousin in law, it's an easy way out of a conviction, but this and other scenarios is well, "...Nothing to worry about." exclaimed Halden to LiveScience.

The best of addicts proclaim their innocence, as they loose their life to this static, habitual, lifestyle that results in death at the end of a needle or other violence.  AA & NA have a 100% failure rate.  The good news is that if you believe in Jesus and repent of your sins, God the Father will help you change your mind through The Holy Spirit.  Read The Last Book, Rev. and Blue Letter Bible - Pharmacia- it's synonymous with witchcraft, yet drugs may be used for good if not abused.

dehydration - low potassium IV (<kidney damage)


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